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LEC Coolers  

L.E.C. founder, Jim Lewis, started the company in 1979. He worked in the marine industry for thirty two years. He started at Johnson and Towers in 1956, as an apprentice mechanic. He was seventeen years old. In 1962 and 1963, two years in a row, he was awarded the Detroit Diesel Craftsman Guild "TOP MAN" award for the Eastern Division.

He took a great interest in the marine engine industry. In 1964, he attended the Detroit Diesel Factory for training for the "All Series Engines". In 1966, he gained the position of assistant engineer for Johnson and Towers. He then attended a course at DeVry Institute for "Electronic Operations Technology" and "Computer Control".

Then, in 1975, he became Chief Engineer for Johnson and Towers. It was at that time, while working for Johnson and Towers, modifying their engines, that he had an idea for the cooling systems of the marine engines.


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